In 1970, a group of people saw the need for a body to represent the historic vehicle movement throughout the State. Thus the Federation was born.

The Federation is an organisation and not a Club. It’s membership consists of over 90 Clubs. No individual people are members.

In order for the Federation to keep membership fees at a minimal level and to generate an income to cover its expenses, the Federation commenced the National Swap. For the first two years two years the Swap was held in Melbourne. Then for one year, it was in Gisborne. After looking for a more central location it was decided to take up an offer from the Veteran Vintage and Classic Club Bendigo to manage the Swap and and hold it at the Bendigo Show Grounds. The Swap has been held annually in Bendigo for over 40 years now.

The Federation is the owner of the Swap and receives 50% of any profits made and carries full liability.

From these funds the Federation then assists its member Clubs in the following ways:

Events – each two years it holds a major rally in the State.

Picnic days – three are held and all paid for by the Federation. Mortlake for the Western District in March, Cranbourne for the Melbourne and Gippsland in April. and our largest day at Marong on the last Sunday in August.

Raffle – each year the Federation provides the prizes for a major raffle that is drawn at the Marong Picnic. The tickets are sold by the members of each member club and the income from sales is retained by the Clubs.

Grants – every 3 to 4 years Clubs may apply to the Federation for a grant to the value of $750.00. These may be used for Club equipment or renovations to clubrooms etc.

Trophy Grants – For Clubs holding a two day event they can apply to the Federation for a trophy grant of $150.00. This is available on an annual basis.

Meetings of Club Delegates – These are held each quarter in February, May, August and October. They are at different locations throughout the State in order to share the travelling costs. Clubs hosting the meeting are paid $400.00 for the event and Delegates are provided with lunch. Member Clubs are asked to send along two delegates to each meeting and the Federation refunds the Club $25.00 for each Delegate (maximum of 2) that attends a meeting.

The Federation assists Clubs to get established. It is involved in the administration of the VicRoads Club Permit system and takes the views of its members to meetings held by VicRoads. It assists in obtaining Public Risk, Voluntary Workers and Officers Insurance cover.

The Federation works very closely with the Private insurance companies for vehicles and receives support from RACV and supports in turn the RACV Charitable Foundation.

A committee of Delegates organises the Australia Day display in the Domain in Melbourne.

We are members of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation and we attend their annual meeting to work with other groups with like interests from around Australia.

Federation membership fees remain at $40.00 per annum.

Your support of the Swap is important to us and we appreciate your participation.